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Who is Leafnet?

We’re a multicultural, multinational and multidisciplined team of real individuals that come together to solve chaotic problems in the digitally connected world.

When you come to a design agency like Leafnet, your goal isn't just to improve your online visibility and get more customers to your website. You want to make the money you need to take care of your family and support future business growth. That's why we take a more human centered, in-touch approach to marketing. We've worked with brands across the globe to help refresh their visual aesthetics, delight users and increase conversions. From the first sketches to the finished product, we help you stand out as well as stand for something. By focusing on your brand message and marketing opportunities, we want to deliver you a strong return on your investment and help you win.

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Our Standards

  • Be Curious

    The age old expression "you learning something new everyday" is not enough for us. We’re all part of the information age - A point in time where information and knowledge is available at the tap of a button or through our ambitions to seek out the uncharted. This is part of our culture, if we knew everything we would never advance or become versed. To gain a better understanding and to solidify our results we need to ask questions, step into the uncharted and soak up as much information as we can from the vast sea of knowledge.

  • Do good work

    Sounds pretty straight forward: focus on the good, problem solve the bad. Doing good work is about dedication to a task and doing it right. As humans we make mistakes, together as a team we learn from those mistakes and share what we have learned by developing our skills to go above and beyond greatness.

  • Be human

    We advocate our team to be themselves, share information and understand that not everyone shares the same opinion or perspective; After all, humans make mistakes and have different values. Everyone deserves respect, transparency and honesty to enrich their work and life in general.

  • Don't be afraid

    There is a mind-boggling magnitude of information out there and there will always be something you don’t understand, so, give it a go. We advocate our team to explore as much as they can and not be afraid of tasks or goals that seem towering or resilient. There are no silly questions.

  • Never stop learning

    Life is a great teacher and bewildering uncertainties open new chapters for ink to transcribe new foundations. We encourage our team to ask questions, pursue their passions and learn. We’re part of the information age - reach into your pocket and find an interesting article, a webinar exploring new technologies or find new ways to embellish old techniques.

  • Co-operate Together

    Although our team is exceptionally flexible and dynamic in their fields harmonising our tasks and furthering our goal through collaboration will always yield greater results. Listening and learning from each other solidifies our respect for an individual’s skill-set as our tasks may be different but our goals don’t change.


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